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When Writing A Book, From Whom Should You Seek Advice?

I love answering questions from my readers! Here’s why: I like to help people. I learn what’s important to my readers.   Let’s see if you can guess the hidden “lesson” from this question.   I was thrilled to get a new question from my new BFF, Ned Barnett, a fellow PR guy in Las Vegas. He wrote: Good afternoon [...]

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Brand Extension: The Future of Reinvention

Heinz sells ketchup. When they decided to sell mustard, no one asked “Are you getting out of ketchup?” When they added pickles, no one asked, “Are you getting out of mustard?” Why? Because mustard and pickles are logical extensions of the Heinz brand: condiments. If Heinz tried selling cars, there’d be a lot of explaining to do! That’s because cars [...]

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Book-Selling University Publishes My New Course on “How to Improve Your Book with Beta Readers”

I'm proud to announce that Book-Selling University has published my new course BSU-181: “How to Improve Your Book with Beta Readers.” That puts BSU over the 50-course mark, and they will add at least four more courses over the next couple of weeks. Book-Selling University is sponsored by Publisher's Weekly, Ingram and, Bowkers. Check it out at SaveSave SaveSave

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Write Social Media Posts that Get Action

  So many authors and speakers write horrible tweets to “humble brag” about their offerings. They write ridiculous messages like “So honored to be on Somebody’s show.” Or “Thrilled to speak to Wonderful group.” These messages are ridiculous because they violate the first rule of marketing success. They don’t answer the question: “What’s in it for me?” Frankly, no one [...]

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Stand Out on LinkedIn

  When I work with my book coaching clients, I tell them that they can’t see their own errors. Everyone needs a coach. Even athletes who make millions of dollars a year need a coach to tell them they are favoring their right side and that’s why they aren’t hitting the ball properly. Because I am adding book coaching, developmental [...]

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The Next Generation of Networking

For all you networking fans, here’s a new twist. Don’t forget to build your network with the next generation. I’ve been around forever and I know most of the people I need to know. But recently, I was interviewed for a podcast, a webinar and a telesummit by three people who were born after I wrote my first book in [...]

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