Frequently Asked Questions About PR LEADS

Frequently Asked Questions About PR LEADS2016-11-28T23:38:10+00:00

To assist you in making the decision to leverage the power of PR LEADS to get more media exposure and more recognition as a thought leader in your market or niche, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about PR LEADS.

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How can I change my email address for receiving the leads?2017-02-04T01:31:44+00:00

First, log into your account on ProfNet.

It will open to My Inbox (with active leads).

Click on “My Profile”. A new page will open.

You’ll see a field called “Email ID” midway down the page.

If you’d like to change the email address for your leads, simply change the email address in that field.

Once you’re done, click on the green UPDATE button at the bottom and wait for an onscreen message indicating that your changes were saved.

How can I change the frequency of my leads or restart my lead emails – if I’ve been away and my email Inbox got full, or if I used an out of the office auto-responder?2017-02-04T01:29:51+00:00

If you’d like to change the frequency of your emails with leads, or if you’ve been out of the office and your leads stop because your Inbox filled up or your leads stopped due to an out of the office auto-responder, here is how you can get your leads restarted:

First, log into your account on ProfNet.

It will open to My Inbox (with active leads).

Click on “Adjust filters”. A new page will open.

You’ll see “Frequency of email” at the bottom. Click on the + sign next to it.

A new page will open.

The top line says “Receive queries (your leads) by email.”

Please make sure the box next to it is checked (certain auto-responders or full inboxes may shut off your leads if there are too many bounced messages with leads). Just check the box and SAVE your changes to restart your leads.

The bottom line says “Frequency of email delivery.” The options are every 1/2, 1, 2, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

Click on your preferred frequency.

Once you are done with all changes, click on the green SAVE button at the bottom and wait for an onscreen message indicating that your changes were saved.

How do I change my PR Leads preferred topics?2017-02-04T01:27:01+00:00

It’s easy to change your topics:

First, log into your account on ProfNet.

It will open to My Inbox (with active leads).

Click on “Adjust filters”. A new page will open.

You’ll see “select categories” at the top.

Click on the + sign next to broad categories like “Living” or “Management/Workplace”.

Check the box next to topics you want added and click checked boxes for any topics you want to delete.

Once you’re done with all changes in all categories of interest, click on the green SAVE button at the bottom and wait for an onscreen message indicating that your changes were saved.

How can I cancel the service?2015-04-21T00:53:30+00:00

Send an email to You will receive a confirmation by email.

Please give us at least five days notice from your renewal date to avoid the next billing. If you notify us AFTER the charge goes through, you will be responsible for paying that charge and the service will cancel at the end of that period.

How can I turn the service off while I am on vacation?2016-11-28T23:38:48+00:00

You can turn off the email delivery of your leads via the ProfNet web site.

  1. Go to the Subscriber Login Page.
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Go to “my profile”
  4. Go to “set database delivery preferences”
  5. Click off the box labeled Receive queries by e-mail
  6. Click the blue “update” button. The screen will refresh and say “your profile has been updated” in blue type near the top of your screen.
  7. You can turn the service back on the clicking the box and seeing the check mark reappear. Save the form and you’ll see a confirmation note appear on your computer screen in blue type.
How can I change my credit card information?2015-04-21T00:52:13+00:00

Call us at 952-380-9844. If you receive our answering machine, leave the number on the machine. It is totally secure. If you are worried, please call the number and give us two times to call you back and we’ll call you for the number.

How can I answer a “cloaked query” ?2016-11-28T23:38:48+00:00


  1. Go to the Subscriber Login Page.
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. You will see your “inbox” which contains all your leads, including the cloaked query.
  4. Click on the headline.
  5. Write your answer in the online form box. You can write 800 words maximum.
  6. When you are done, click the blue button labeled “Respond to originator.”
  7. The screen will refresh and you’ll see your reply in the sent messages area at the bottom of the page.
How can I get my password?2016-11-28T23:38:48+00:00


  1. Go to the Subscriber Login Page.
  2. Click on “forgot password”
  3. On the next screen, type your username
  4. Press “get password.” A new password will be emailed to you.
  5. Sign on with the new password.
  6. Change the password.

If you still need assistance, please let us know.

How do I get the leads? Are the leads tailored for my interests?2016-11-28T23:38:48+00:00

“The leads from reporters are highly targeted and state exactly what the reporter is looking for. I’ve already been interviewed by the BBC for a profile they are doing on Oprah. Since I wrote ‘The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah,’ that was an exact match for me.

You can be as specific as you like to insure you’ll only get the responses you’re looking for. It’s different from other “PR wire services” in that it’s highly personalized. Dan really spends the time to interview each subscriber for their key search words and publicity goals, teaches them how to respond, and coaches them along the way if they need it.

I have found it to be a godsend.”

Susan Harrow, Author, “Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul”

Who responds to reporters? Me or PR LEADS?2015-04-21T00:47:33+00:00

You do. We’ll send the actual lead to you by email. You’ll see the reporter’s name, contact information, 100-word description of the article and what material they need. You own the relationship.

I’ve never pitched anything to reporters. How can I get the help I need?2015-04-21T00:47:15+00:00

“Because of your instructions in how to structure my pitch, the reporter was very attuned to what I had to tell him and seemed to go out of his way to get me to describe my target market and a way they could get in touch with me. I’ve been a reporter, editor, press release writer and self-promoter for more than three decades, and I’ve never had such a good interview before. You’ve got a winner with PR Leads!”

David Garfinkel, NSA Memeber, Author, “Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich”

Do you help me write the pitch?2015-04-21T00:46:51+00:00

We’ve figured out the secret to responding to reporters and we share that info with our members – who get amazing results! Anyone can learn to write a perfect response to reporters!

We provide basic guidelines and instructions. If you have expertise in your subject and passion for your topic, you should do fine.

“PR LEADS is a dream resource — whether you are an entrepreneur who knows PR, but doesn’t have the time to constantly pitch your own stories, or a business expert who is clueless about PR, PR LEADS gives you a one-stop, quick turnaround, easy way to make sure your story is told to the people that matter. Get your own PR— ‘performance recognized’— in one shot. PR Leads is a PR solution that works!”

Betsy Buckley, NSA MEMBER, What Matters

I’ve never done PR. PR sounds intimidating to me. Is PR a hassle?2015-04-21T00:46:23+00:00

“PR Leads so far has been fascinating and fun to respond to! Thanks again for making it possible for me to participate.”

Gabrielle Alizay , Feng Shui Consultations

Does it take long to write messages to reporters?2016-11-28T23:38:48+00:00

“This is the most amazingly simple and productive way to get PR. It took me only one minute to respond. A major target market editor immediately emailed me.”

Roxanne Emmerich CSP, CMC, NSA MEMBER

Remember, reporters don’t want you to write articles; they want to find sources. So you need to send them info that establishes you as an authority who can provide the information they need! If you have expertise and passion, you should do fine!

Shouldn’t I just send out press releases? That’s what everyone else does.2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

“I have been using your system for less than three months now and I’ve already been quoted in Investors Business Daily! There’s no way I could create that result just from sending press releases. Your service helps me target my PR and gets big-time results fast. I’m a fan for life!”

Vickie Sullivan, Sullivan Speaker Services, NSA MEMBER

How long will it take for me to be quoted?2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

It varies, but some people have had immediate success.

“I had an interview today for a Glamour article. Thanks for the great pr leads service. I haven’t been subscribing long, but am definitely seeing some results.”

Karla Erovick, Dating Expert, Speaker, and Author of “Love to Date – Date to Love: Unlocking the Secrets of Dating”

How much does PR LEADS cost?2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

You will get an unlimited number of leads based on your topics and keywords for only $99 a month. Compare that to the cost of writing press releases!

“I saved thousand of dollars by using PR Leads! And I made my money back the first day when the Wall Street Journal interviewed me. Imagine not wasting time writing press releases or spending a fortune on a PR firm. You’ve imagined PR Leads. It’s a dream come true for speakers and authors who need publicity to sell more books and speeches!”

Tom Antion, NSA MEMBER, Publisher “Great Speaking” Ezine


“Without lifting a finger, I’m getting 1-2 media interviews a week, including a great interview with ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine. I know I will get a return on investment of at least 10 times what I paid. You should charge more!”

Kevin Donlin, Author “Follow-up Marketing”

I’ve heard pitches like this all over the net. Why should I believe you?2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

“In my first year as an author, seeking publicity, I found many people with their hands out who were willing to take my money and deliver only promises. Then I found Dan and PR Leads. Dan was willing to work with me individually and give PR Leads a trial run. His concern was whether I was happy with his service and if it was working for me, BEFORE he ever asked for the sale. In the span of one month, I have been interviewed by several journalists and will be quoted in a major publication in Spring 2002. PR Leads is the best game in town!”

Susan L. Gilbert, Author, “The Land of I Can, An Adventure in Life”

How does PR LEADS compare to subscription PR services and directories?2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

“Since I signed up three months ago, I’ve gotten about 50 requests from reporters for interviews on my topic — and I was actually interviewed by 42 of them. That’s an 80% hit rate — great shootin’. No other service has even come close.

These are high-quality leads too. I’ve been interviewed by Newsweek, Business Week,, and Fortune Small Business.

One more thing: You should know that I paid full price for this. No trade. No barter. That’s how good I think it is!

Rob Frankel, Author, “Revenge of Brand X”

The fee sounds reasonable, but $99 is still a lot of money. How can I justify this expense?2015-04-21T00:46:00+00:00

“The ROI metrics of PR Leads is simplistic. It just takes one mention in the media to pay for itself! You cannot buy that type of individualistic branding elsewhere, and you can use the story over and over in many formats for marketing and branding. PR Leads is a must for competitive advantage.”

Steve Koss, Sports marketing expert, StadiaNet

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