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PR Leads helped create the reporter-to-expert connection more than 15 years ago.
Because of our leadership position, we have the best media sources available.

Here’s what you get:

  • Hands-on customer support, training and feedback so you get expert advice that translates into more articles
  • Reporter leads delivered when YOU want them so you beat your competitors
  • Higher-quality editorial sources so your quotes appear in top media publications, both online and printed
  • You won’t see any advertising on the leads you get from us.
  • Personal, hands-on attention and support from Dan Janal, a 30+ year USA Today recognized media and publicity leader who helped launch America Online (AOL)
  • Highly targeted leads in your specialty so you don’t waste time sorting through irrelevant leads
  • And much, much more that you won’t find anywhere else!
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Imagine, If Instead Of Needing Reporters… Reporters Need You!

When you use PR LEADS, we’ll put you in touch with reporters who need to quote experts like you.

That’s right. We get requests every day from reporters who are writing stories for major publications who desperately need to find experts to quote in their stories.

We’ll give you their names and email addresses and their story angles so you can contact them! If you have the information they need, they’ll feature you and your books in their publications.

We’re talking big name publications and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Newsweek, as well as Redbook and Glamour.

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How PR LEADS Works (The Process)

Bottom Line: You Get The Credibility And Visibility You Need To Grow Your Business!

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The PR Leads Difference: Get Direct Support From Dan Janal

When you sign up for the service, we’ll personally interview you to find out your area of expertise and passion.

Plus, we’ll train you on how to respond effectively to reporters so you can increase your chances of getting interviewed! Most reporters want to communicate via email. We’ll teach you how to respond effectively to each message, in less than 10 minutes! Clients who have had absolutely no PR training before tell us they get numerous interviews after following our instructions.

And that’s not all.

We’re committed to your ongoing success. With your subscription you’ll get 80 days of email coaching. You’ll also be able to attend our Master Classes by telephone where you’ll learn valuable PR secrets from our clients. You’ll find out what really works!

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Even More Satisfied Customers of PR LEADS Share Their Success Getting More Media Leads, More Reporters Calling Them, and More Interviews!

Click the Play buttons to watch these exclusive videos, where customers and fans of PR LEADS share their experiences and successes working with us:

Evan Carmichael
Entrepreneurial Branding Expert

Rick Frishman
Publisher, Union Square Publishing

Dan Janal’s coaching is an unbelievable resource. His knowledge and gentle nudges, demystified the world of PR and allowed me to refine my strategies to better position myself.

Since signing up for PR LEADS, I’ve been sourced in multiple publications and using Dan’s coaching combined with my sales background, I’ve been able to publish opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal, have been interviewed in Forbes, and have written multiple pieces for the Washington Post.

Justin Brady, Test of Time Design
Listen to this audio interview with PR LEADS client Patrick Snow of Creating Your Own Destiny, as he interviews Dan Janal, Your Fearless PR LEADER.

Patrick was featured on the front page of USA TODAY – and doubled his speaking fees immediately – thanks to PR LEADS.

Patrick Snow, Author, Creating Your Own Destiny
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Three Convenient Options To Get You Started Now

Monthly PR Leads

$9900per month
  • Get instant access to PR LEADS training
  • Includes phone and email access to Dan Janal
  • Sign up now and get targeted leads e-mailed to you daily
  • No hassle cancellation

3-For-2 Option (Special Introductory Rate for First 3 Months)

$19800(then $99/month)
  • Great if you are planning: a business, product, or book launch
  • Get ONE MONTH FREE by pre-paying for 3 months (then regular $99/mo kicks in Month 4)
  • Everything in the monthly plan included here – same excellent level of service

Annual PR Leads

$95000per year
  • Crafted especially for the serious expert, entrepreneur, author, thought leader, solo PR firm, and small business
  • Save $238 (or almost 2 and a half months vs. paying monthly for a year)
  • Backed by an industry expert recognized by USA Today as “a true Internet pioneer”