If you want to be treated like Hollywood Royalty by reporters, its actually fairly simple.

Look to the Red Carpet for clues.

  1. It happens every year. Reporters expect it. Their readers and viewers demand it. Reporters have to cover it. There are events in your profession that reporters have to cover, like New Year’s Resolutions in January, Relationships in February and Taxes in April. Find out what reporters cover and give it to them!
  2. Actors and actresses come prepared. They don’t wear old rags. They are dressed to kill and they know what they are going to say. You should remember to treat your interview with as much preparation. What are you going to say? How do you want to appear to the media? Be like the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared.”
  3. Act like you belong there. Actors who were unknown a year ago walk with grace on the Red Carpet. Expert sources and thought leaders must display the confidence the same confidence. I’ve met many great people who have done amazing things but think they are not ready for prime time.

You are ready.

Now is your time.


I have tools to help you reach reporters.

In fact, I’ll introduce you to reporters who want to quote and interview you.