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Marketing Trends from Leadpages’ Converted Conference

David H. Lawrence XVII was the announcer on The Price Is Right and was the puppet master on Heroes. He gave great tips on acting and podcasting at Converted conference! Great guy! I never miss Leadpages’ Converted Conference. Not only is it reasonably priced and full of great information from speakers who aren’t [...]

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5 Marketing Masters Share Their Secrets at Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consulting (R) Convention

I was at Alan Weiss’  Million Dollar Consulting (R) Convention in Atlanta last week. I met a lot of interesting people who had fascinating ideas about marketing. I’d like to share a few of my keepers. I hope they help you! Alan Weiss, Author of "Thrive: Stop Wishing Your Life Away" and "Alan Weiss on [...]

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Small Business Marketing Trends for 2015

I attended the Small Business Digital Marketing seminar in Minneapolis last week. The content was extremely high value. The organizers are planning similar events in many cities. I encourage you to check their website and look for an event near you.   Small Business Marketing Trends for 2015 from Jeff Johnson, founder and president [...]

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Publicity Expert Dan Janal Shows How to Find Best Keywords So Prospects Can Find You on Google

I’ve been on the Internet since the beginning of time. I wrote one of the first books about Internet marketing in 1993. That’s when Al Gore and I were the only people online! I’ve followed the net for two decades and I’d like to share few tips that I’ve discovered to help my clients get [...]

Free Publicity Tactics: 10 Reasons People Aren’t Retweeting Your Tweets

Twitter is a great tool for getting free publicity for your small business. That’s because people who read your tweets can re-tweet or forward tweets to their followers. But many business owners are missing opportunities to maximize their exposure because their tweets aren’t up to snuff. Here are 10 ways to improve the re-tweetability of [...]

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Media Relations: How International Companies Can Improve Relations with US Media

Many international companies talk themselves out of getting publicity in the US. That’s unfortunate because a lot of their concerns are incorrect fallacies. Here are several ways international companies can build bridges with the US media to get publicity to build their businesses. 1.     Time barrier – Let reporters know when you will be available [...]

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How to Attract High-Paying Clients for Independent Professionals and Consultants

By Henry DeVries New Client Marketing Institute email: web: Time to read this article: three minutes.   In this guest blog post: How to Attract Clients by Typing and Talking Learn insider secrets on how to turn your expertise into clients If you are an independent professional or consultant, what should [...]

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