Brand Extension: The Future of Reinvention

Heinz sells ketchup. When they decided to sell mustard, no one asked “Are you getting out of ketchup?” When they added pickles, no one asked, “Are you getting out of mustard?” Why? Because mustard and pickles are logical extensions of the Heinz brand: condiments. If Heinz tried selling cars, there’d be a lot of explaining [...]

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Write Social Media Posts that Get Action

  So many authors and speakers write horrible tweets to “humble brag” about their offerings. They write ridiculous messages like “So honored to be on Somebody’s show.” Or “Thrilled to speak to Wonderful group.” These messages are ridiculous because they violate the first rule of marketing success. They don’t answer the question: “What’s in it [...]

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You Know You’ve Arrived When…

One of my clients told me she was mobbed at the NSA conference during breaks. I said, “You have arrived.” That, of course, made me wonder, what are the other signs that you’ve arrived? You know that you’ve arrived when… You see your name everywhere that matters Clients sign up for your services without talking [...]

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Wow your customers and prospects with useful gifts!

Keeping customers is the key to growing your business. After all, everyone knows that it is less expensive to keep a customer than to market to find a new customer. Yet, many businesses fail to understand or follow through on this concept. Remember, your current customer is one click away from being seduced by one [...]

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3 Ways to Beef Up Your Branding with Testimonials without Spending a Penny

Remember the old American Express commercial that said, “Don’t leave home without it?” Well, here’s another line for you: “Testimonials: Don’t send an email without one.” That’s the advice of Alex Goldfayn author of “The Revenue Growth Habit” I took his advice for a long time and sent an email with a testimonial from Alan [...]

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10 Steps to Successfully Introduce a Powerful New Brand Name

NSA – the National Speakers Association - had the right intentions to rebrand: they wanted to reflect the changing nature of the speaking industry and they wanted to be more inclusive to people who speak as a part of their business, i.e. authors, consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators and so on.   Here are 10 factors [...]

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Does Your Small Business Suffer from Brand Name Mis-Identification?

I saw a marvelous women’s basketball game the other night. My hometown Minnesota Lynx played the Bing Boosts. At least that’s what their jerseys said. I had no idea where they were from. Someone pointed out that they were really from Seattle and their team name was Storm. Not Bing. Not Boost. Apparently the WNBA [...]

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Amazon Bans Junk e-books

Hallelujah! Amazon is banning what it calls “junk” e-books. You might know them as Private Label Resale (or Reseller) Rights Products. Those are the “books” that “get rich quick” scammers have been trying to sell to unsuspecting wannabees who want to make money from content. The idea is you buy the product, then you buy [...]

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