usb Logo Sample PRLeads SWM-LtBl 10-23-15Keeping customers is the key to growing your business. After all, everyone knows that it is less expensive to keep a customer than to market to find a new customer.

Yet, many businesses fail to understand or follow through on this concept. Remember, your current customer is one click away from being seduced by one of your competitors. If you aren’t marketing to your customers, that’s a bad thing, because your competitors certainly are reaching out to them!

That’s why I’m taking the advice of many marketing pros to wow, astound and delight your customers. One tactic that I’m going to test is to send my new clients a USB drive with my company logo on it (SEE PICTURE).

Here’s why I think this will work:
1.     Every marketing guru says you should wow your customers by doing something unexpected. What can be better than getting a gift in the mail?
2.     The USB drive is useful. Everyone needs one. My clients – speakers and authors – will do a presentation or a book draft and they will need a safe, secure backup copy.
3.     It is cheap. The drives cost only a few dollars (less in bulk, of course). That’s a lot less than a lot of advertising alternatives.
4.     It costs very little to mail because it weighs only a few ounces and comes packaged in a small box about the size of a few matchsticks. I’ve seen a lot of “bulky” mail options that would costs a few dollars to ship – and cause the post office to have fits. You know what happens when an unfriendly postal worker meets a piece of mail they don’t like. Well, it ain’t pretty.
5.     The style I chose fits on a key ring, so my company logo will be in front of their face for a long time. Long after everyone else’s coffee mug logo has gathered dust.
6.     The brushed aluminum design I chose is very classy. I could choose any color so it matches my brand. The company has dozens of designs to choose from.

7. My logo is a gentle reminder that I’m still in business. They’ll see it every time they use the usb.

8. I can print my call to action “Ask about Facebook ads.”  That’s my new service.  It’s a conversation starter. And we all know that people would rather give more work to someone they know, like and trust than to find another service provider.

I got mine from They offered me a few samples in exchange for writing about them (as fully disclosed by the FCC and FTC).

It’s a win win!

What promotional item have you used to wow your clients?