art you know you've arrivedOne of my clients told me she was mobbed at the NSA conference during breaks. I said, “You have arrived.”

That, of course, made me wonder, what are the other signs that you’ve arrived?

You know that you’ve arrived when…

You see your name everywhere that matters

Clients sign up for your services without talking to you

Clients ask for proposals and tell you there are no competitors

Prospects don’t ask to negotiate your fees

Meeting planners ask you to speak without requesting a proposal

You are recognized at airports and conventions

People want to sit next to you at lunches and dinners

People want to have their pictures taken with you

People buy your books without you sending dozens of emails begging them to buy

When people think of your topic, they think of you

Other speakers say “I shared the stage with you”

Your internal GPS tells you that you have arrived.


When you do think you’ve arrived? I’ll print your answers (and a few more of my own), next week!