Heinz sells ketchup.

When they decided to sell mustard, no one asked “Are you getting out of ketchup?”

When they added pickles, no one asked, “Are you getting out of mustard?”


Because mustard and pickles are logical extensions of the Heinz brand: condiments.

If Heinz tried selling cars, there’d be a lot of explaining to do! That’s because cars have nothing to do with making your hot dog taste better.

I recently added several services to my PR business. Those services are ghostwriting books, book coaching and book developmental editing.

People asked, “Are you getting out of PR?”

Of course not.

And yet, everything I mentioned is related to PR.

But sometimes people don’t see the connection. It isn’t their fault. You have to show the connection. I say “you” because nearly everyone I know “reinvents” themselves or adds new services and products.

So how are book services related to PR?


A book is a form of publicity.

Just like the articles you read in newspapers, books tell the world you are live, have something worthwhile to say and help you get more business.

That’s why I’m adding book services like coaching, developmental editing, outlining and ghostwriting to my publicity services of PR LEADS, press releases, media databases and consulting.

You’ll be able to read about all those topics in this newsletter.

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Are you interested in writing a book? Or need help finishing a book you are stuck on? Let me know and let’s see if I can help you!

The best way to get started is with a simple email: dan@prleads.com

Or read about my book coaching and writing services at http://www.WriteYourBookInAFlash.com

And while you’re at it, why not pick up a copy of my new book, “Write Your Book In A Flash.com”

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