So many authors and speakers write horrible tweets to “humble brag” about their offerings. They write ridiculous messages like “So honored to be on Somebody’s show.” Or “Thrilled to speak to Wonderful group.”

These messages are ridiculous because they violate the first rule of marketing success. They don’t answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”

Frankly, no one cares that I was on a podcast or spoke to a group or wrote a book. They only care – rightfully so – if I can help them solve a problem.

I’ve been on many podcasts and the producers sent me sample tweets as above. However, I am thrilled to show you tweets that do show readers and listeners what’s in it for them.

To promote my new book, “Write Your Book In A Flash,” I recorded a podcast with Judith Briles, the dean of book shepherding, and she sent me her tweets. They are so good, I’m sharing all of them with you so you can model these and use them as inspiration for your own social media posts.

Also, notice how Judith used #hastags to target markets she wants to reach.

The other benefit for her is that she made it easy for me to copy and paste these tweets into Buffer and social media posts. You MUST do that if you want your guests to promote your podcasts and webinars.

Here they are:


Awesome tips for writers and #authors on how to write a #book in a flash-podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing

Hot Tips—tips for busy #authors to discover how to create a new #book via the paint by number coloring book method-podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing

Secrets all #authors wants to know: how to overcome limiting beliefs that slow down and stop them from writing a #book-podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing

Hey #authors—are you using “beta readers” to add pop and power to your upcoming #book? Get tips on how to find; how to use; what to tell them to look for-podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing

If you are writing a #book-if you are repurposing one-if you want to break into successful #publishing and catapult career-keys in this podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing #authors

Key question every #author needs to ask when writing a #book: what is the problem the target audience needs to solve? Deliver it in a short format; add stories to it; share the solutions-podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing  #authors

Want to learn how to write a #book in a flash? You can-essential tips for busy authors and writers in this podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing #authors

Want to know what has changed in #publishing today that enables #authors to speed things up and move really fast? Answers here in podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing  #authors

All successful #authors discover the one thing they must be clear on before before they write a word of their next #book. It’s on this podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing

Want to Write a #Book in a Flash? You can. @DanJanal and @PRLeads has the tips on this podcast:  #amwriting #selfpublishing #authors

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