The Next Generation of Networking

For all you networking fans, here’s a new twist. Don’t forget to build your network with the next generation. I’ve been around forever and I know most of the people I need to know. But recently, I was interviewed for a podcast, a webinar and a telesummit by three people who were born after I [...]

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How can I pitch my story to reporters?

People ask me how to pitch their stories to reporters. Here are my key tips. I’ve written them with an economy of words because you should too! You can get your point across by writing short messages.   Find the right reporter. Read a few articles to get to know them. Determine which part of [...]

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How can I promote my podcast?

Question: I wrote a press release to promote my podcast. What should I do next? Dan: Here’s what I suggest: Post the press release on social media. Share the press release with the experts you have interviewed. Let them know you are getting PR for them. Show the press release to experts who won't let [...]

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9 More Tips to Supersize Your PR

Last week, I showed you 8 ways to get more leverage from your publicity. Here are 9 more easy steps to celebrate your publicity success: 1.     Include the article in your new book proposals. Acquisition editors love to know you are good at getting publicity. That gives them confidence that you will actually be able [...]

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8 Tips to Supersize Your Publicity

Many of my clients ask me “what do I do next” when they get quoted. Or worse. They don’t ask at all and they do nothing! You need to celebrate your publicity! You need to tell the world. And don’t pay attention to the old scolds who tell you not to blow your own horn, [...]

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Google Cracks Down on Press Releases

Google is cracking down on press releases – and that’s a good thing! Google wants to present information that people are searching for. That’s their mission. They want to do everything they can to prevent people from manipulating their results. That’s good news for people who are actively searching for your products and services. Google’s [...]

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How YouTube Helps You Get on Local and National TV: Advice from #PR Expert Dan Janal

  Did you know that reporters and TV producers look at YouTube to see if you are ready for prime time?   It’s an interesting insight I picked up at the Authority seminar from John Maher of McDougall Interactive, based in Danvers, MA.   “Local TV producers want to see you in action. It’s [...]

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Should you retweet articles you’ve been quoted in? Publicity expert Dan Janal answers

One of my clients was quoted in an article and she asked me what the etiquette was for tweeting the link.   Now that’s a great question for the digital age!   I had to think fast on my feet because I don’t think I’ve ever heard this question before, or even thought of it [...]

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