Many international companies talk themselves out of getting publicity in the US. That’s unfortunate because a lot of their concerns are incorrect fallacies.

Here are several ways international companies can build bridges with the US media to get publicity to build their businesses.

1.     Time barrier – Let reporters know when you will be available to talk. Say you are 7 hours ahead of New York time, for example. In many cases, reporters will have all the info they need from your press release or PR LEADS response. Give them lots of information, not fluff, and they might not even need to call you. They can write the story from your materials. This happens quite often.
2.     Cost of phone lines – Use SKYPE so no one is paying for the call

3.     Language issues – Be sure to appoint a spokesperson who speaks English well and understands American idioms. Show your written English to a native speaker. I just edited a press release from Asia and it took longer to edit than it would have taken me to write it! Even Ph.D.s have trouble with English.

4.     Cultural issues – Different countries have different expectations of the role of the media. In the US, the media treats everything you say as “on the record” and can be used at their discretion. You can’t say something and then say, “It’s off the record.” The best guidance is: If you don’t want to see it in print, then don’t say it.

5.     Listen to a media training webinar, seminar or course. The tips you pick up will be invaluable.  I recommend Jess Todtfeld’s Media Training Crash Course to understand how the US media works and how to handle interviews.