Dan Janal

I’ve been on the Internet since the beginning of time. I wrote one of the first books about Internet marketing in 1993. That’s when Al Gore and I were the only people online! I’ve followed the net for two decades and I’d like to share few tips that I’ve discovered to help my clients get found on Google to make it easier to sell your products and services.

Here’s a tactic I use to find the best keywords so you get found on Google.

Go to Google and type your search term slowly. Google will suggest other words.

For example, I might type “manufacturing” and Google adds “jobs, techniques and trade shows.” These are the words your prospects are looking for. Use them in your press releases, articles, blog posts and videos. You’ll be amazed at the results.

For example, I wrote a press release for a client who wrote a book about manufacturing. My original strategy was to write a headline focusing on “manufacturing” and “keynote speaker.”

But when I looked at Google, a number of results showed words like “futurist,” and “industry trends.” I quickly rewrote the headline and lead to include those terms.

If you’d like more cutting-edge thinking and strategy to help you position yourself and your products, I can help. Invest in an hour of my consulting time and you’ll be amazed at how differently you will see the world.

For information about Dan Janal’s publicity and marketing consulting, go to  http://www.PublicityLeadstoProfits.com