2018 Speaking Industry Trends

The speaking industry, like others, is facing constant change. Here are trends for 2018, according to Lois Cramer, owner of Book More Business who reviewed several trade groups’ reports. “What we know are that clients are seeking more interactive programs. They are asking speakers to use their social media channels to publicize meetings. Virtual programs [...]

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Speaking tips from Don Rickles

I caught Don Rickles’ act in Las Vegas many years ago. It was a very unique experience. While most people were dreading sitting in the front row so they wouldn’t get picked on, they needn’t have worried. He didn’t make fun of anyone in the audience. In fact, he didn’t tell one joke. Instead, he [...]

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Video Tips for Authors and Speakers

If your demo reel is getting long in the tooth, it’s time to shoot some fresh material. Unfortunately, speaker videographers can cost a bundle. But I’ve heard good things from speakers who hired wedding photographers to shoot and edit their videos. That’s because wedding videographers are experienced with multiple camera angles and sound. They also [...]

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The Best Keynote Speaker I Ever Heard

Dan Janal and Marshall Goldsmith Marshall Goldsmith is the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard – and I’ve heard a lot of them! Here’s why: He’s authentic. He’s approachable. He’s funny. He’s insightful. He has tools you can use immediately. He makes eye contact with everyone. His exercises actually make sense. He has [...]

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Entrepreneur Success Speaker Dan Janal Shares "Best" Marketing Tactic for Speakers

Dan JanalEntrepreneur Success Speaker What’s the best marketing tactic for a speaker? You might think it is the one-sheet, or the video, or the cold call. But you’d be wrong. You might even expect me to say publicity. But I won’t and I’d be wrong if I did. Leave it to speaker marketing [...]

Entrepreneur Success Speaker Dan Janal Shares "Best" Marketing Tactic for Speakers2016-11-28T23:38:13+00:00

Do you make these five speaking sins?

Dan JanalEntrepreneur Success Speaker I saw a speaker recently and left feeling underwhelmed. I realized he committed five deadly sins, which I’ll share with you. To protect the guilty, let’s say his talk was called “How to Change  a Tire.” 1.     Doesn’t deliver on promise. He didn’t show us – step-by-step how to [...]

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Publicity Speaker Dan Janal Asks (and Answers) What Do Audiences Really Want from a Speaker?

Reporters Are Looking for YOU! When I spoke at Clemson University’s conference on how to market online training programs and seminars, I came to an important realization after hearing two speakers who preceded me. 1.     They offered good, basic, solid information about marketing. I knew most of it, of course, but many people [...]

Publicity Speaker Dan Janal Asks (and Answers) What Do Audiences Really Want from a Speaker?2016-11-28T23:38:13+00:00

New Conference Program Apps Give Speakers New Opportunities

At the Clemson University conference I am speaking at today, and at the National Speakers Association conference I attended recently, nearly everyone used an app to find out what was going on. NSA printed a standard program but people soon gave that up for the app. At Clemson, the app was the only game in [...]

New Conference Program Apps Give Speakers New Opportunities2013-09-03T20:27:47+00:00

Do You Dream of Being a Rock Star Speaker?

Lady Gaga knows how to make an entrance Speakers dream of being rock stars – idolized by their fans, playing to big houses and selling lots of “merch.” But there are highs and lows. I attended the Lady Gaga show this past week in St. Paul. She was great. Let’s look at the [...]

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