Speakers: To Fee or Not to Fee … That is the Question!

By Lois Creamer “The Great Recession was an event masquerading as a trend.” T. Scott Gross Scott Gross is a thought-leader. You probably have heard of Scott. He wrote the terrific book on customer service, “Positively Outrageous Service”. He really has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of [...]

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Speaking Leads for Motivational Speakers, Customer Service Speakers and Leadership Speakers

SpeakerMatch, the leading job board site for speakers looking for engagements, has told me about these new opportunities and has allowed me to share them with my readers. To apply for any listing, go to SpeakerMatch for a 60-day free trial. f the following leads don't work for you, please feel free to forward this [...]

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Publicity Ethics: PR Thought Leader Dan Janal Debates Dealing with Competitors

Someone on Quora posted this question: “What are some of the more popular techniques used by companies to discredit their competitors?” I replied: “Your question is wrong on so many levels. Don't even think it. Karma will get you every time. And if Karma doesn't bite you on your butt, some hacker will definitely find [...]

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Motivational Speakers: Speaking Tips from Speaking Coach Patricia Fripp

I'm basking in the glow of a speaking job well done in Las Vegas at Alan Weiss' and Parricia Fripp's Odd Couple Seminar. How can I tell? Well, I attended Patricia Fripp’s Speaking School on Friday and spoke on Sunday by using a number of her very interesting and powerful techniques to tell stories, create content and bond with the audience. It must have worked because half the people in the room came up to me to give me their business cards – and half a dozen people left their business cards at my seat! That’s never happened before. And here’s the kicker – I didn’t try to sell anything. I just wanted to share ideas and teach them how to become thought leaders! You can read a number of my “keepers” from Patricia Fripp’s Speaking School.

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What’s the Story about Stories?

When it comes to story tellers, Patricia Fripp would be on any meeting planner’s short list. Now, storytelling is all the rage. I interviewed Ms. Fripp recently on how to use stories to leave a lasting impression on your audiences. She is doing a three-day coaching session on this topic. For info click here: http://www.fripp.com/getcoachedtospeak.html [...]

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How to deliver a great speech when working with a translator

I’ve spoken about creative ways to use the Internet for marketing and publicity from Beijing to Budapest, all across Mexico and Brazil as well as the U.S and Canada. One thing I’ve noticed in working with translators is that is the speaker’s job to make sure the audience understands every word. Here are 10 ideas to help you get your message across when you don’t speak the same language as your audience.

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