In addition to providing the best leads from the best media, PR LEADS also gets requests that can help you in several ways:

PR LEADS1. Companies look for webinar leaders. Presenting a webinar to highly targeted audiences could be a great way to build your brand, your reputation and your credibility. One client told me she got a consulting job worth $93,000 from a person listening to her webinar!

2. Reviewing books. One company regularly posts leads looking for experts to provide peer review for their books. They provide a modest stipend for your work.

3. Speaking leads. Meeting planners post speaking opportunities for experts.

4. Ongoing support. If you have questions about how to respond or want me to look at your responses, please do so! We’re the only service of this kind that offers training and support. Maybe that’s why our clients get quoted so often! PR LEADS is the only publicity leads service that provides this variety – and quality – of services for experts and small businesses.