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Stand Out on LinkedIn

  When I work with my book coaching clients, I tell them that they can’t see their own errors. Everyone needs a coach. Even athletes who make millions of dollars a year need a coach to tell them they are favoring their right side and that’s why they aren’t hitting the ball properly. Because I am adding book coaching, developmental [...]

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The Next Generation of Networking

For all you networking fans, here’s a new twist. Don’t forget to build your network with the next generation. I’ve been around forever and I know most of the people I need to know. But recently, I was interviewed for a podcast, a webinar and a telesummit by three people who were born after I wrote my first book in [...]

2018 Speaking Industry Trends

The speaking industry, like others, is facing constant change. Here are trends for 2018, according to Lois Cramer, owner of Book More Business who reviewed several trade groups’ reports. “What we know are that clients are seeking more interactive programs. They are asking speakers to use their social media channels to publicize meetings. Virtual programs continue to have a role [...]

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How can I pitch my story to reporters?

People ask me how to pitch their stories to reporters. Here are my key tips. I’ve written them with an economy of words because you should too! You can get your point across by writing short messages.   Find the right reporter. Read a few articles to get to know them. Determine which part of your story would interest the [...]

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How can I promote my podcast?

Question: I wrote a press release to promote my podcast. What should I do next? Dan: Here’s what I suggest: Post the press release on social media. Share the press release with the experts you have interviewed. Let them know you are getting PR for them. Show the press release to experts who won't let you book them. The press [...]

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Why Your Press Releases Don’t Get Attention – And What You Can Do About It

I recently heard a webinar guest talk about his latest way to get rich by using Twitter. Of course, he couldn’t just say “Use Twitter.” He had to say, “Press releases suck so use Twitter.” He wasn’t the first person to badmouth press releases in favor of another tactic. And he won’t be the last. But what I find interesting [...]

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