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Which Are More Popular E-books or Paperbacks?

CNN did an unscientific poll Sunday of more than 200,000 people who visited their website and answered the question: Which do you prefer: E-books or paperbacks? Given this was an online poll; I would have thought e-books would run away with it. However, paperbacks won by an 80-20 margin! I have no clue. Most sales [...]

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What’s the secret to selling books?

John Kremer knows more than 1001 tips which he has documented in his must-read book, “100 Ways to market Your Books For Authors and Publishers.” Here are four tips he shared at the 21st Century Book Marketing Conference in San Diego this past weekend.

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How Can a Dead Author Have a Platform?

No self-respecting publisher today will talk to an author who doesn't have a large "platform" of followers who will by a book and a marketing plan that shows how the author will sell the book. So how did Stieg Larsson become a best-selling author, years after he died without publishing a book in his life? [...]

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How to find reporters who use Twitter

  Hundred of reporters are now using Twitter to find news and new sources.   Here are two ways to find reporters:   1. go to Twitter 2. Click on "Find people" 3. Click on "Find on Twitter" 4. Type the person's name   Yes, it is that simple!   Here's another way. There's a [...]

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Publicity: The Gift That Keeps Giving and Giving for Cookbook Author

A query came through PRLeads looking for someone who had healed their health crisis by drinking green tea. Well, I thought, I did drink a lot of green tea while I went about inventing and patenting a unique cooking method for healthy one-pot meals. And, who knows, maybe it did have something to do with the subsequent [...]

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