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Quote Me! Thoughts About Plagiarism

  I’m glad that plagiarism raised its ugly head. As a former journalist and current writer, there is no greater sin than stealing someone else’s words. Unfortunately, the internet has made it so easy to copy words, pictures, music and other intellectual property that most people don’t give copying a second thought. They copy first and ask for forgiveness second. [...]

Publicity Tip: Should you disagree with a reporter?

  What happens when you disagree with the reporter’s point of view on a PR LEAD? Should you throw away the lead or respond to it? Actually being a contrarian is one of the best ways to get quoted! Reporters need to present both sides of a story – ideally! They might ask for people to give info that supports [...]

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8 Marketing Lessons from Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a world-class marketer. Here are the lessons we can learn from his business skills: 1. Blow your own horn. He was not shy. He proclaimed he was “the Greatest.” Are you afraid to point out your accomplishments? 2. Believe in yourself. The first sale is to yourself. Ali truly believed he was “The Greatest.” 3. Create memorable [...]

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5 Ways Reporters Find Sources – Number 6 Will Surprise You!

According to a new report conducted by Wasabi Public Relations, press releases are one of the top 5 resources reporters use to find expert sources. The other top methods include Google, pitches, breaking news and social media. Surprisingly, books were not in the top 5! I wonder what Amazon would say about that! When you consider that Google indexes press [...]

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Video Tips for Authors and Speakers

If your demo reel is getting long in the tooth, it’s time to shoot some fresh material. Unfortunately, speaker videographers can cost a bundle. But I’ve heard good things from speakers who hired wedding photographers to shoot and edit their videos. That’s because wedding videographers are experienced with multiple camera angles and sound. They also know how to be unobtrusive. [...]

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The Best Keynote Speaker I Ever Heard

Dan Janal and Marshall Goldsmith Marshall Goldsmith is the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard – and I’ve heard a lot of them! Here’s why: He’s authentic. He’s approachable. He’s funny. He’s insightful. He has tools you can use immediately. He makes eye contact with everyone. His exercises actually make sense. He has lunch with the attendees. He [...]

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