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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

A reader asks: I want to start PR LEADS after I get some reviews on Amazon. How can I get reviews on Amazon? Book reviews can help provide the “social proof” needed to turn a browser on Amazon into a buyer. We rely on reviews for restaurants, movies and consumer products. Books are no exception. Here are a few ideas [...]

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The Key to Good Relationships: Manage Your Client’s Expectations

      I was checking out the new bright, shiny object gym the other day and I asked the sales guy a pointed question: If I come here regularly for two months, how much weight will I lose? Fair question, right? His answer surprised me. “Weight loss,” he said, “has more to do with how much food you eat [...]

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9 More Tips to Supersize Your PR

Last week, I showed you 8 ways to get more leverage from your publicity. Here are 9 more easy steps to celebrate your publicity success: 1.     Include the article in your new book proposals. Acquisition editors love to know you are good at getting publicity. That gives them confidence that you will actually be able to market and sell your [...]

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8 Tips to Supersize Your Publicity

Many of my clients ask me “what do I do next” when they get quoted. Or worse. They don’t ask at all and they do nothing! You need to celebrate your publicity! You need to tell the world. And don’t pay attention to the old scolds who tell you not to blow your own horn, or you are vain, or [...]

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1 Quick, Easy Way to Get Publicity for Subject Matter Experts

    A reader asks: What are simple, yet proven ways, any individual or company can generate positive PR? Here’s my answer: The easiest way for anyone to get publicity is to piggyback onto an existing news story. For example, local reporters always want to get the local reaction to a national story. They actually do need to speak to [...]

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The Importance of Having a Platform for Authors and Speakers

One of TED’s most watched talks was by Amy Cuddy, the Harvard professor who captivated the world with her personal story and her advice to use a “power pose” a la Wonder Woman to gain confidence. Apparently, a publisher took note of her massive audience and convinced her to write a book, which came out this month, called “Presence.” I [...]

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