Speakers Can Get Publicity When They Speak at Conferences

When speakers present at large conferences or trade group events, they might be overlooking their most important audience: reporters. If reporters are speaking at the event or covering the event, speakers have an opportunity to spread their message to hundreds of thousands people who could hire them or buy their books. Here is my game [...]

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5 Marketing Masters Share Their Secrets at Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consulting (R) Convention

I was at Alan Weiss’  Million Dollar Consulting (R) Convention in Atlanta last week. I met a lot of interesting people who had fascinating ideas about marketing. I’d like to share a few of my keepers. I hope they help you! Alan Weiss, Author of "Thrive: Stop Wishing Your Life Away" and "Alan Weiss on [...]

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Marketing Lessons from the Oscars

My article about marketing lessons from the Grammys a few weeks ago went viral, so I’m guessing everyone would like to see what they can learn from the Oscars. Here’s my take: 1.     The Oscars are basically a 3-hour commercial for movies mixed in with 3 hours of commercials. Let’s face it: People care about [...]

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The Sound of Marketing: Lessons from the Grammys

If you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, you probably missed these marketing messages that can help take your business to the next level. 1.     You hadn’t heard of Sam Smith a year ago. Now he’s best new artist of the year, nominated for six Grammys and winner of four. Lesson: Everyone starts from [...]

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Publicity Expert Dan Janal Shows How to Find Best Keywords So Prospects Can Find You on Google

I’ve been on the Internet since the beginning of time. I wrote one of the first books about Internet marketing in 1993. That’s when Al Gore and I were the only people online! I’ve followed the net for two decades and I’d like to share few tips that I’ve discovered to help my clients get [...]

How to Produce Great Video Scripts Your Audiences Want to Watch

Patricia Fripp When I attended Patricia Fripp’s speaking school several years ago, I left with a tool kit of ideas, tips and techniques that I could use for any speaking occasion. One idea she suggested was to get transcripts of our speeches and cut the wasted words. That tip was incredibly useful when [...]

The “Spreadsheet Marketing” Lie from “Internet Marketing Confidential” Book

Here’s the most common lie I heard people tell themselves when I was doing day-to-day publicity for high tech companies. I call it the “spreadsheet marketing lie.” It goes like this: “The widget market is huge. It’s a one-billion dollar industry. If we get 1/10 of 1 percent of that market, we’ll make one million [...]

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How to Stand Out – the Toni Newman Way

Toni Newman Toni Newman, a professional innovation catalyst, spoke at my NSA chapter and had interesting things to say that can help any speaker – or any professional or business – attract, keep and engage more clients more often. Here’s a glimpse at my notes. For more info, go to: Here’s a [...]

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