Free Publicity Advice: Ready to Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio? Here’s How!

by Nancy Juetten Nancy Juetten Out here in free agent nation, millions of independent business professionals are pounding the pavement, attending networking events, and sharing their messages via cyberspace and social networks as they seek more perfect clients and media opportunities. The trouble is, many of them are failing to launch because the [...]

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How to Find Your Ideal Coaching Client Who Won't Drive You Crazy

3 Steps to Identifying Your Key Customer When I coach my clients, and I ask them who their ideal client is, they usually say, “Everyone.” That’s because they honestly believe that their message can help everyone. And it probably can. The trouble is, the market doesn’t like solutions that appeal to the masses. They want [...]

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Groupon’s Marketing Lesson: Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

Everyone’s concerned about Google keeping tabs on your privacy. Here’s one group of businesses that apparently don’t keep tabs on you – restaurateurs. Here’s the story. I bought a Groupon for a restaurant. I actually buy lots of them – Groupon has taught me never to pay full price for a meal – but that’s [...]

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Publicity Tactic: Are Your Biggest Competitors Really Your Best Friends?

My article on Publicity Ethics last week really struck a chord. I received many “good job” messages and only a handful of unsubs. Vijay asked a good question. Could I provide examples of “co-opetition” the word that means how to work with your competitors? Some of my best friends are “competitors.” That is, we all [...]

5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Today

By Alex Goldfayn Here are five actions you can take today to improve your marketing immediately: 1. Call one customer and ask what they love about your product most. Incorporate this into your message. 2. Write one paragraph about your newest product and cite no technical specifications or details. Focus strictly on [...]

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How to Attract High-Paying Clients for Independent Professionals and Consultants

By Henry DeVries New Client Marketing Institute email: web: Time to read this article: three minutes.   In this guest blog post: How to Attract Clients by Typing and Talking Learn insider secrets on how to turn your expertise into clients If you are an independent professional or consultant, what should [...]

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