IMCBookCoverFINAL-4-1-13-231x300Here’s the most common lie I heard people tell themselves when I was doing day-to-day publicity for high tech companies.

I call it the “spreadsheet marketing lie.”

It goes like this:

“The widget market is huge. It’s a one-billion dollar industry. If we get 1/10 of 1 percent of that market, we’ll make one million dollars.”

The trouble is that it doesn’t matter how big that market is if they don’t need your product.

Do you need another spreadsheet?

Or word processor?

Or a book about your topic?
If the answer is “no,” then all the time, money and energy isn’t going to convince someone to buy it.

Get real.

Get real goals.

Do real tests.

Get real education.

Then hit the marketplace.

Bottom Line: Internet Marketing can’t work if you have blinders on your eyes.