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How to Get Your Own Column in Your Daily Newspaper

Getting your own column in your local newspaper might not be as hard as you think!Here's how one real estate expert got his own column in the largest newspaper in his state. He told me this story when I was a guest on Doug Huggins' teleseminar yesterday.Harold is a former economics professor. He simply contacted [...]

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Article Marketing – Are You Submitting Articles to the Best Websites to Get More Traffic and Leads?

Article marketing is not all about getting links. It’s about getting your articles published on the top, most trafficked, targeted websites, ezines and article directories that accept article submissions so you can experience more publicity, traffic and profits. How can you make sure your articles are published on the biggest sites that get the most [...]

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New Cool Book of the Day Blog helps experts and authors get exposure and drive traffic

Excelsior, Minnesota – October 11, 2007 – Internet entrepreneur Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads and the author of six books, recently unveiled his new Cool Book of the Day [] blog. The blog features a new book each day accompanied by an author interview.Janal got the idea for the Cool Book of the Day [...]

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How to respond to a bad review

From my mailbag:We just got reviewed (and it wasn't that great)and I was wondering how much we should stress over this. We are in beta, so that accounts for some of the bugginess, but we have corrected the ones he mentioned.Dan answers:First off, congratulations on getting the media's attention. It isn't that easy to do [...]

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iPhone's Publicity Blunder

By Dan JanalYour Fearless PR LEADERThe blogs and the newspapers picked up many comments.Apple's response was to give a $100 (not $200) discount on products at iPhone stores.This is a bad reaction for several reasons:1. A $100 discount on products does not equal a $200 discount in real dollars.2. Consider that if products are marked [...]

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Targeted Queries To Save You Time

We get hundreds of leads each day on dozens of topics. But we only send you leads in your specialty to save you time.

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The Easier Way To Get Publicity

PR LEADS has helped more than 4,000 business experts, solo PR firms, and small businesses. And we can help you get the publicity you need to:

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