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PR LEADS helps Myelita Melton sell her business!

    Publicity gets results! Here's a great story that should inspire you! "I sincerely believe that the PR I've gotten through PR LEADS has lead me to this successful conclusion to sell SpeakEasy -- now on to my next trick!" wrote Myelita Melton, CEO, SpeakEasy Communications, Inc., Myelita Melton, SpeakEasy Communications’ president has studied [...]

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"The People's Chemist" Raves about PR LEADS results

Shane Ellison, "The People's Chemist" sent me a very nice note today and I thought you'd like to see it. "I'm really loving PRLEADS.  Dollar for dollar, nothing compares.  I've been featured in several top end magazines from Womens Health, OnFitness to Rocky Mountain News.  Thanks!" This note reminded me that I've been a bit lax in [...]

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Making the Most of Linked In

I have nearly 500 contacts on LinkedIn. Will you be the 500th? Invite me!Linked In can be an important tool to grow your business and your influence.When I spoke at the recent National Speakers Association Branding Lab in Boston, I learned about an ebook that Jill Konrath wrote called "Can LinkedIn Increase Your Sales?"If you're [...]

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Dan Janal to Speak at Colorado Independent Publishers Association Conference

I'm speaking at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, which holds its CIPA College 2008 convention on March 27-29 in Denver. My topic is "How to become the most famous author in your niche." I'll also host two round table sessions with a "no-holds barred" Q&A format.For information, go to me know if you'll be [...]

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Targeted Queries To Save You Time

We get hundreds of leads each day on dozens of topics. But we only send you leads in your specialty to save you time.

PR LEADS helps you:

  Save time
  Save money
  Reduce your stress
  Make getting publicity fun
  And, it's easy to use...
  We'll even train you!

The Easier Way To Get Publicity

PR LEADS has helped more than 4,000 business experts, solo PR firms, and small businesses. And we can help you get the publicity you need to:

  Build credibility
  Create marketing tools for your handouts and websites
  Position you as an expert
  Show why you are better and different from competitors
  Justify raising your rates and fees
  Grow your business
  Help your clients get publicity