From my mailbag:

We just got reviewed (and it wasn’t that great)and I was wondering how much we should stress over this. We are in beta, so that accounts for some of the bugginess, but we have corrected the ones he mentioned.

Dan answers:

First off, congratulations on getting the media’s attention. It isn’t that easy to do and if you didn’t have a worthwhile concept, they wouldn’t have reviewed your product. So you are on the right track.

Secondly, every review will have negative points. There’s an unwritten rule in reviewers’ minds that they can’t like something 100 percent. They have to find something to complain about.

The other good news is that you have fixed the bugs. So here’s what to do:

1. Contact the reviewer, thank him and let him know that you appreciated his comments and have corrected the problems. He’ll feel like an owner now. Offer to let him review the next version.

2. Search the web to see if the review is posted anywhere. If it is, be sure to post a message saying the bugs have been fixed. Consider offering a free review copy to people who read the post.

3. If the review had good points, promote those on your website.

4. People will understand that bugs happen in beta. That’s why there’s a beta.

5. If appropriate, point out the bugs that you fixed as ‘enhancements’ and new features.

So, don’t sweat the small stuff — but be vigilant to stamp out any fires this review might have created.