Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to some forms of Reality TV and the Apprentice is one of those!

So the other night after watching celebrities sell hot dogs for big bucks, my REMs must have been in overdrive because I dreamed I was a contestant on the next year’s edition, which featured celebrities against smart business people.

All I can remember is that my team shunned me. Yes, actually shunned me. I don’t know why, but they were holding meetings and not letting me know where they were meeting!

I figured if this kept up, I’d be toast in the board room.

So I thought, “Well, what can one person do alone? I’m an Internet Marketer? What talents and skills do I have?”

The next thing I knew, I created a website for Celebrity Hot Dogs.com, optimize for Google, and sent press releases to all the news organizations in New York.

In the next scene, our hot dog cart is surrounded by all the news crews and radio talk show jocks.

My “team” sold more than the celebrities!

The Donald was so impressed with my strategy in the face of all these obstacles, he decided to make me the Apprentice and cancel the rest of the challenges.

Of course, he realized that as an entrepreneur, I have no leadership skills and that entrepreneurs don’t want to part of a team. So he put me in charge of a project of his in Antarctica!

I turned him down, because my entrepreneurial lifestyle beats the lifestyle of his high-pressure executives any day!

I’d love to tell you the names of the celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice II: Revenge of the Nerds, but I signed a non-disclosure agreement.