Excelsior, Minnesota – October 11, 2007 – Internet entrepreneur Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads and the author of six books, recently unveiled his new Cool Book of the Day

[http://www.coolbookoftheday.com/] blog. The blog features a new book each day accompanied by an author interview.

Janal got the idea for the Cool Book of the Day blog after attending Book Expo this year. “All reporters were writing about Harry Potter and other big name authors,” says Janal. “And, that’s still the case today. Reporters and critics don’t cover the ‘unknown’ authors writing books, which is a shame, because many of these people are experts in their fields who have written really good books filled with practical information.”

The blog gives authors who use Janal’s PR LEADS publicity service a place to publicize their book and in their own words, tell others about it and why they wrote it. An October 5, 2007 post by MSN Money writer and consultant Sally Herigstad, CPA, for example, talks about why she wrote her book, Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills! In her interview she writes,

Most [finance] books still focus on lifetime financial planning and investing. They may not meet the needs of a person who, regardless of age, just needs to get through this month without having the utilities turned off. Readers can find several existing categories of personal finance books. . . . None, however, offer the focused yet comprehensive information that Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills provides people with acute financial needs.

Due to its viral nature, the blog gives authors much greater exposure in the blogosphere. Those authors whose books are featured on the blog can add a clickable graphic to their Website and/or blog showing their book has been listed. Readers can leave comments on the Cool Book of the Day blog, and of course, post about the books in their blogs.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” says Janal. “The book authors get the exposure they need for their books, bloggers can use the material to fill out blog posts, and readers have a place they can visit every day to learn about new books.”

The postings are having a big impact on traffic for PR LEADS authors whose works are cited.

“Thanks so much for choosing “Zero to Zillionaire” as your “Cool Book of the Day.” My Amazon ranking improved a bunch yesterday and now I know why.Thanks for all your help,” wrote Chellie Campbell.

About Dan Janal

Developing online ventures is nothing new for Janal, who founded PR Leads in 2001 and Great Teleseminars in 2002. In addition to running his businesses, Janal is a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the globe. He also offers PR coaching for authors and small businesses.

Daniel Janal is an internationally-recognized speaker, Internet marketer and best-selling author. As president of Janal Communications, he conducts strategic planning seminars and consultations for clients ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 1000. A former public relations executive, Dan Janal was on the PR team that launched America Online, and personally directed the PR launch of Grolier’s Electronic Encyclopedia, the first consumer software program ever produced on a CD-ROM.

He is the author of several best-selling books on marketing and the Internet including Dan Janal’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet and 101 Successful Businesses You Can Start on the Internet. The Los Angeles Times called Dan “an online marketing expert.” USA TODAY called Dan “A true Internet marketing pioneer.” He can be reached at 952-380-1554 or via his Website at www.PRLEADS.com.