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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

A reader asks: I want to start PR LEADS after I get some reviews on Amazon. How can I get reviews on Amazon? Book reviews can help provide the “social proof” needed to turn a browser on Amazon into a buyer. We rely on reviews for restaurants, movies and consumer products. Books are no exception. [...]

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Working Less, Earning More, By Jeff Cohen

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: The book is for burnt out executives, laid-off workers, struggling entrepreneurs, and really anyone who wants to supplement their income with alternative revenue streams.  The book covers five main paths to working less and earning more including staying in your current job, becoming a consultant, earning freelance income, [...]

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Thinking Your Way To Happy! Overcome Common Barrier To Happiness And Live Your Best Life NOW! By Robin H-C

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is designed for busy people committed to a breakthrough in their thinking and ready to experience more power in their lives - today, NOW! Women between the ages of 28 - 50 are the predominant purchasers, however, there is value for all who are looking to [...]

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Tao-Girls Rule! Finding Balance, Staying Confident, Being Bold in a World of Challenges By CJ Golden

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: The intended audience is teen and pre-teen girls - many of whom already call themselves "Tao-Girls". Q: Why are you the best person to write this book? A: After great success with my first book, Tao of the Defiant Woman, the women who read the book and/or attended [...]

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eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, By Marnie Swedberg

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Every author thinks about getting on Amazon, but this book validates the aspirations of a much broader audience. • Speakers, trainers and consultants have information they would love to share with event participants, attendees and potential clients. • Inventors, programmers and product development gurus have processes about which [...]

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Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight by Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A., LEED

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: It’s a self-help-health book. Say that ten times. Q: What is the book about? A: It’s about enjoying the fun and intrigue of unraveling nature’s clues that fill you with awe, inspiration, and healing. This fascinating book combines ancient wisdom with modern research, and science with imagination. Connect [...]

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