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The 24 Hour Champion: Discovering AND Living Your Priceless Life, By Darshan Gabriel Shanti

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is for entrepreneurs, CEOs, salesman, soccer moms and students. It will serve anyone of any age from any background who knows there’s got to be more for his life than what they’re experiencing now. This book is for people who are sick and tired of being [...]

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THE 800-POUND GORILLA OF SALES: How To Dominate Your Market, By Bill Guertin  

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Entrepreneurs, sales reps and managers, small business owners, home-based business owners, and those just plain interested in how the world works. Q: What is the book about? A: The book reveals the 12 attributes of “800-Pound Gorillas”, or the dominant players in any market who get the largest [...]

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Profileactics: A Guide For The Prevention Of Ill-Conceived Personal Ads, By Donna F. Ferber, LPC

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Single Baby Boomers exploring the world of Internet dating. Q: What is the book about? A: Profileactics: A Guide for the Prevention of Ill-Conceived Personal Ads combines lessons in self-awareness and language with generous doses of wisdom and wit. The result is an invaluable tool for Baby Boomers [...]

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Energize Growth NOW: The Marketing Guide To A Wealthy Company, By Lisa Nirell

Question: Who Is the intended audience? Answer: This book is ideal for B2B business leaders running companies under $100M in revenues.  It can also guide CEO’s who want to exit their business in 2-10 years, but are seriously undervalued, overwhelmed, or unfocused.  Many entrepreneurs are reading the book to learn from CEOs who have already [...]

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Obama, Doctors, And Health Reform: Doctor Assesses The Odds For Success, By Richard L. Reece, MD

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: The intended primary audience is the American public.   There are a number of misconceptions about health care in their mind, for example, that doctors set their own fees when in fact Medicare and other third parties set the fees.  Caregivers are a secondary audience, and in the book, [...]

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Hook & Jill, By Andrea Jones

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Hook & Jill is a fairy tale for “grown-ups.” Neverland is a place we long to return. It calls to us even — and especially — once we are past the innocent age of Peter Pan. Adults who re-read Peter Pan to their children can fully appreciate J.M. [...]

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Baseline Selling: How To Become A Sales Superstar By Using What You Already Know About The Game Of Baseball, By David Kurlan

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Sales VP’s, Sales Directors, Professionals in Service Firms, Entrepreneurs and Baseball Fans. Q: What is the book about? A: This book is about sales and baseball and how, using the baseball analogy, they are nearly the same.  Four bases, four (not 7) steps. All-star baseball [...]

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