Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: This book is designed for busy people committed to a breakthrough in their thinking and ready to experience more power in their lives – today, NOW! Women between the ages of 28 – 50 are the predominant purchasers, however, there is value for all who are looking to achieve new results in their thinking which translates to a Better Life!

Q: What is the book about?
A: Thinking Your Way to Happy is all about being happy and restoring choice in areas of life where, at times,  it may seem as there is no choice. Human beings are creatures of habit. The brain loves the comfort of repetition even if it brings great pain and suffering. People, everyday make choices to; be late, over eat, or to be too busy or stressed for their children, to ignore the budget, to delay health, to hold a grudge, to react instead of respond, to indulge in immediate gratification –  essentially people choose to neglect important areas of their lives – yet often it does not feel as though any choice is involved in this process at all.

The books fundamental message is around governing your thoughts and interrupting automatic behaviours in favour of personal freedom and results that inspire.  The intention of the book is to help you to begin to think from a new place, thus engaging the frontal lobe the area of the brain responsible for conscious choice.  The more you do so, the easier the process of change becomes.

The book addresses taking yourself off auto pilot with your reactions and habit; letting go, and new beginnings. It’s through tiny internal shifts in your perspective that massive external changes can come about in love relationships, career, finance or health.

Thinking Your Way to Happy! also identifies the most common ‘Happy Traps’ to look out for; Give up the ‘someday, one day, when day, western mentality where you reserve joy and happiness for when your business is finally thriving, you lose that extra weight, your credit cards are paid off or you meet that special someone.’ Thinking Your Way to Happy! asks you to connect with joy today, instead of in the ever illusive future.

This gem of a book, addresses the limitations in our thinking via conditioning. ‘The world is flat, the world is flat, I know this because the experts said so…’, mentality – essentially how information unchallenged (true or not) can shape our reality. Ultimately any changes in life will be witnessed only after changing in ones thinking.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: As a child I was increasing perplexed when people around me were unhappy. To me the option of being joyful and in the moment was the only appealing choice. As a Coach, it has become my life’s work to explore how human beings create lasting change in their lives. My intention is to provide information that expands awareness to experience a greater sense of control over daily choices AND better understanding why people often don’t  and end up in a cycle of suffering and limitation. I research all things that influence human thought; psychology, neurology, bio chemistry, nutrition, philosophy and the quantum realm.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: People have busy lives and are juggling many important commitments; career, children, health, wealth and a social calendar – even  social responsibilities – in Thinking Your Way to Happy! every page stands on its own offering a Life Principle and an Inspiring quote. In this manner, the book becomes a momentary reference guide that can be picked up and put down with compelling insight achieved within moments! There is no lengthy time investment for an ah-ha.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: Thinking Your Way to Happy! is a simple and delightful book offering 112 life principles for daily power and freedom. The book is written by Robin H-C eager to share her empowering philosophies.  Robin H-C is most recognized from her weekly Life Coach guest spot on City TV’s – CP24 inspiring viewers to get enthusiastic about their lives and take action!

Robin has offered her expertise to viewers and listeners on; Charles Adler, The Life Network, Breakfast TV, Daytime TV, CTV, and City TV. She has been published in Metro Today, Flare magazine, Palm Beach Post, the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Star, the National Post, to name a few. Her next book is due out early 2011.

The book is currently available at Chapters across Canada and Amazon online.