Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: People interested in being able to create with conflict, eliminate struggle, or simply improve their relationships. The book is a useful tool for both business and personal lives.

Q: What is the book about?
A: This is a practical how to book. I blend concepts from the martial arts and science to create a simple method for people to apply to conflict, decision making, or just getting off ‘stuck’ to finish something. This method is called: Spiral Impact. Spiral Impact contrasts the typical ‘just do it’ hammer approach with a spiral approach which requires less energy, has more stability and gives a better long term outcome–just like the difference between a nail and a screw.

Each section begins with an analogy from my personal practice of aikido, the Japanese art of reconciliation, which is based on position, not force. The power of aikido is created by moving in a spiral. To translate this spiral effect to regular life I have defined four quadrants, or primary areas of focus: Knowledge, Focused Energy, Intention and Support. Power is achieved through Quadrant Shifting. If you follow the model not only you do you achieve your desired outcome, you can do it with grace and ease.

This book is very practical and shares short stories, everyone can relate to, of people applying the concepts. It also contains detailed application maps in the last section of the book.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I have taught these concepts in organizations for over 17 years and have a wealth of experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to communication, relationships and conflict resolution. I apply these concepts to my own life and continually find it works! This year marks my twentieth year of aikido practice, so when I refer to the martial art it is from many years literally on the mat exploring relationship in a very physical and physiological way.

My first career and education was in engineering. I worked as an automotive engineer for 10 years. As one of the early women in this field, I certainly learned a lot about conflict, or I should say my inability to deal with it effectively. My engineering mind and training allows me to make this material very concrete for people. It matters very much to me that people get results.

Overall, my goal is to get people to think ‘Spiral Impact’ when they find themselves struggling or stuck. When they think ‘Spiral’ things begin to move easily.

I love this material because it takes a subject most of us would like to avoid and makes it entertaining and practical. Please join me in helping make ‘Spiral Impact’ a well known verb!

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: This book is concise and practical. It doesn’t require you to read a lot of boring theory. It is written for today’s ADD mind, easy to read. And, easy to pick up, open and find something worthwhile on the page.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: Yes, there is a companion CD available titled, Spiral Impact: Strengthening your Balance and Focus while Driving. One of the Quadrants in the Spiral Impact model is Focused Energy. Here I teach a concept called centering in the martial arts. This CD teaches the concept and then provides a track for centering while on your way to work; and a track for the end of the day to debrief and refocus. There is lovely acoustical guitar in the background. This was designed for driving but also can be used while sitting or walking.

Also, the book is available in audio CD read by me. The audio version is only available through

Here are a few comments from readers:

Spiral Impact is informative and useful desk reference for anyone who works or lives with other people. Karen has captured a lifetime of observations to help anyone stay centered and deal effectively with daily challenges.”
–Samuel Odle, President of Indianapolis Operations of Clarian Health

“Spiral Impact provides a road map to navigate personal and professional development with grace! Karen captures the essence of how to achieve great success. Every executive manager should have a copy!”
–Anthony Marmo, Administrator, Northeast Center for Special Care, Lake Katrine, NY and former CEO, Kingston Hospital, Kingston, NY.

“Through Spiral Impact, author Karen Valencic, takes on a topic the majority of us fear, Conflict. Valencic tackles conflict head on providing the tools for readers to shape it, mold it and ultimately dance with it!”
–Christine Van Marter, Corporate Communications Eli Lilly and Company and Creator of The Red Mask Foundation