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Teleseminar: Are you sabotaging your publicity program?

Are you sabotaging your publicity program? Many people shoot themselves in their feet when it comes to creating and executing their publicity programs. After 9 years of running PR LEADS and dealing with more than 4,000 people, I’ve seen it happen time and time again for many different reasons. Join me in the 45-minute teleseminar [...]'s ploy: Good news for readers is bad news for authors

The good news is that is selling upcoming hot books -- including Sarah Palin's book -- for $10. The better news is that Amazon is either going to match them or go a penny better. And that includes shipping! While this is good news for readers, it is bad news for authors. I don't [...]

How not to pitch a reporter

  How not to pitch a reporter PR LEADS alum Jonathan Fields wrote a great article for the Huffington Post on how not to pitch reporters. He cited his own experience with a PR person who mass mailed a canned pitch. Read the article at: I posted a response: As a former reporter (and [...]

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Here's how to get on the Ellen TV show

  Here's what TV producers are looking for in a guest Steve Spangler is a scientist who creates cool tools to teach kids about science. He's also appeared on Ellen numerous times. So when he spoke to the National Speakers Association a few weeks ago, he offered these tips to get on Ellen. -- Don't [...]

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Publicity Expert Dan Janal to Speak at “Publishing at Sea” Conference

Publicity expert Dan Janal will be on the faculty for the “Publishing at Sea” seminar, the first event for independent book publishers who want to learn how to sell more books while aboard a luxury cruise ship.   Janal is the founder of PR LEADS, a publicity service that has helped more than 3,000 authors [...]

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Did you get a "nice deal" on your book contract?

If you write books, you probably wonder about advances.Your own advance.And what other people get.If you're wondering if you got "a good deal," there's a great resource for you called Publishers Lunch. It is an institution in the publishing industry -- everyone reads it.They have lots of news and gossip about the industry.Plus they list [...]

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Targeted Queries To Save You Time

We get hundreds of leads each day on dozens of topics. But we only send you leads in your specialty to save you time.

PR LEADS helps you:

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The Easier Way To Get Publicity

PR LEADS has helped more than 4,000 business experts, solo PR firms, and small businesses. And we can help you get the publicity you need to:

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