I had a great time speaking at the NSA Marketing Lab in Boston last weekend. It was great to see so many old friends, current clients and new friends!

Many people signed up for PR LEADS as the service is a great help to speakers and authors.

One expert who signed up for PR LEADS had phenomenal success right out of the gate! Russ L’HommeDieu responded to a lead and appeared on Oprah’s radio show right away! Here’s Russ’ story:

“I met Dan at a weekend NSA jam session on branding and promotion. He impressed me enough for me to give his company PR leads a try. I got my first email from him that very Monday and I was on an Oprah and friends radio show by Tuesday afternoon. What is even more amazing Is that, I was not even entered in Dan’s system yet. When he saw the lead he immediately thought of me and sent me a personal email. He simply knew it was perfect for me and then personally saw to it that I got it! Incredible service from a guy that I just met. I am thrilled to have Dan working for me. He just became my most valuable consultant!”

Dr. Russ L’HommeDieu, DPT
The Truth Diet