If you write books, you probably wonder about advances.

Your own advance.

And what other people get.

If you’re wondering if you got “a good deal,” there’s a great resource for you called Publishers Lunch. It is an institution in the publishing industry — everyone reads it.

They have lots of news and gossip about the industry.

Plus they list a few deals each week. Here’s their key to understanding the deals:

“nice deal” $1 – $49,000
“very nice deal” $50,000 – $99,000
“good deal” $100,000 – $250,000
“significant deal” $251,000 – $499,000
“major deal” $500,000 and up

PR LEADS alum Michael Port got a “very nice deal” for his new book to be published by John Wiley, according to Publishers Lunch. The book’s called ” ‘The Think Big Manifesto’ in the tradition of Napoleon Hill, offering a paradigm of centered collaboration as a new path for business and personal growth that produces dramatic results over the small-thinking ways that plague our everyday experiences in work, relationships and society, again to Matt Holt at Wiley, in a very nice deal.”