Publicity expert Dan Janal will be on the faculty for the “Publishing at Sea” seminar, the first event for independent book publishers who want to learn how to sell more books while aboard a luxury cruise ship.


Janal is the founder of PR LEADS, a publicity service that has helped more than 3,000 authors and speakers get publicity in daily newspapers and magazines. He is also an author and professional speaker. He can be reached at


The “Publishing at Sea” seminar will sail from February 15-21, 2009 and visit exotic ports including Cozumel and Belize. Along the way, a limited number of highly qualified publishers will learn how to publish and market books more effectively in these economic times. For information about this conference, please see


Specific topics include:


  • Become profitable in publishing where most authors barely make minimum wage
  • Create the hook that says “buy this book” (later in the day you can take a different “hook” fishing)
  • Establish the most profitable price for your book
  • Understand the true cost of your book – and how to lower it without sacrificing quality
  • Choose the printing method that is right for each title
  • Become the instant expert on your topic
  • Coin words that give you immediate – and national — brand recognition
  • Sell your books at 100% plus of retail price – with no returns
  • Create a WOW title
  • Develop a doable strategy to market your book
  • Define a production time line so you don’t miss any steps that could cost you dearly
  • Pay for your printing with our savvy secrets to pre-sell your book
  • Create a “marriage made on the high seas” with your wholesalers and distributors
  • Construct Mail-Box Money from spin-off products
  • Conduct book-signing events that sell books
  • Discover which rights (foreign, electronic, movie) are most lucrative for your book
  • See why book marketing is as simple as PIE
  • Maximize your Unfair Competitive Advantage
  • Uncover special markets where you can sell large quantities of non-returnable books – with no competition
  • Discover an easy-to-use formula for writing a press release that will knock their socks off



The “Publishing at Sea” faculty includes:


Brian Jud –book marketing expert

Judith Briles – book shepherding expert

Eric Kampmann, book distribution expert

Katherine Carol, transformation expert


“Over the week, each of the faculty will lead a session with the others contributing. This maximizes their combined expertise to give you quadruple the coaching you would get in any other workshop,” said Brian Jud. “Publishing Panache, Marketing Moxie, PR Power, Distribution Doability and Speaking Savvy will be your guaranteed take-aways and how-tos from this glorious week at Sea.” 


Attendance is limited to 100 publishers. Families can attend the cruise and can lounge at the pool or participate in a host of fun activities provided by the cruise company while the publisher attends the conference. Ample “family time” is built into the schedule so that publishers and their families can have a true vacation as well as learn how to grow their businesses.


“So roll up your sleeves and your Capri pants for the publishing event of the year and relish the fact that your friends are probably shoveling snow back home. It will fast track you as no other will,” said Jud.


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