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What makes for a great Facebook page for small business?

Social Media Examiner listed its top 10 small businesses pages. What do they top one have in common? They look like magazine ads. They are beautifully composed. They are inviting. They are colorful. The usually feature people. Those are the ones I liked. Other winners looked like web pages or Facebook pages. To me, those [...]

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Feedback on Friends Post

I really set off a firestorm of comments Monday about Facebook using the term “friends” when the people you meet online aren’t really friends.   The most revealing comment was from Samantha Hartley who said that most social media marketing was being outsourced. Well, duh. How can your personality shine if some intern in Des [...]

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Social media marketing: Thank you for being a friend

There are friends who you speak with face to face and have shared memories that go back decades and you have “friends” on Facebook who you really don’t know. Guess which group of friends will show up at your funeral?

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Finally, a Real Reason for Authors, Speakers and Consultants to Hop Aboard Facebook

If you’re as tired as I am of reading what your business friends had for dinner, who they partied with and who they are quoting on Facebook, join the crowd. However, I finally found a reason for people like us – authors, coaches and consultants- to finally get a fan page, which is the business side of Facebook in case you didn’t know.

BlogWorld: The New Influencers: Bloggers and Social Media Producers

Bloggers have influence and major players are reaching out to influence them. Consider these events at BlogWorld:

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Teleseminar: Using Social Media to Launch Your Book

In the past, authors did well using email campaigns to broadcast book launches with bonuses. This process is so “2009.” Today, you have to use all of your tools. If you can build followers with your blog and then get attention on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you are more likely to drive people to your book site or Amazon page and make the sale. In this teleseminar, Marcia Reynolds will show how she integrated these tools to take her book to #1 on Amazon for Leadership and Management books for women and still keeps her in the top 10.

My first video conference: Don't let this happen to you!

Three years ago, Terry Brock spoke at an NSA meeting and showed us how easy it was to do video on the web. I was so taken with it, I went out and bought a new Sony laptop that had a video camera built in.   I have yet to use it. So when I [...]

How to find reporters who use Twitter

  Hundred of reporters are now using Twitter to find news and new sources.   Here are two ways to find reporters:   1. go to Twitter 2. Click on "Find people" 3. Click on "Find on Twitter" 4. Type the person's name   Yes, it is that simple!   Here's another way. There's a [...]

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