If you’re as tired as I am of reading what your business friends had for dinner, who they partied with and who they are quoting on Facebook, join the crowd. However, I finally found a reason for people like us – authors, coaches and consultants- to finally get a fan page, which is the business side of Facebook in case you didn’t know.

That reason is called the Facebook Badge. A Facebook Badge is a rectangular box that includes half a dozen pictures of your fans who “like” you. No, this isn’t Sally Fields saying, “You like me, you really like me.” It is a way for you to get instant credibility and trust on your website.

To see what this looks like go to my site: http://www.PressReleaseSender.com and scroll down toward the bottom. Or look at the picture just above here.

Now imagine you have this on your site and someone comes along and says, “She sounds interesting and sincere, but should I buy her stuff?” Then he sees a few pictures of your friends. That says so much in terms of credibility! Also, it is amazing who knows who. The world is a very small place, especially for people in business.

I also saw another implementation of this on Trip Advisor. Try it yourself. Type in the name of a city you’d like to go to, and you’ll see pictures of your friends who’ve been there. Now try it with hotels, restaurants, well, you get the idea.

It is always nice to get a testimonial, but I think this new Facebook badge will be the new credibility booster that will be as important as testimonials. What do you think?

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