In the past, authors did well using email campaigns to broadcast book launches with bonuses. This process is so “2009.” Today, you have to use all of your tools. If you can build followers with your blog and then get attention on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you are more likely to drive people to your book site or Amazon page and make the sale. In this teleseminar, Marcia Reynolds will show how she integrated these tools to take her book to #1 on Amazon for Leadership and Management books for women and still keeps her in the top 10.

Here are a few things you will discover:

1. You started by creating a book blog site. Can you tell me why this is the center point of your campaign?
2. How did you get to blog for Huffington Post?
3. What was your Facebook strategy?
4. What was your LinkedIn strategy?
5. What was your Twitter strategy?
6. Did you use a publicist to help get the word out?
7. Did you use email or print support at all?
8. Tell me about actual book launch day, what did you do?
9. You said you had some struggles with Amazon-can you tell me about that?
10. How are sales going now and have you leveraged any other business from your campaign?

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD speaks globally on leadership topics and coaches rising star leaders on building relationships and making critical decisions in their complex and evolving workplaces. In addition to her Amazon bestseller, Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction, she authored Outsmart Your Brain and has been quoted in many publications including Psychology Today, Harvard Communications Newsletter, and The New York Times.

This free, one hour teleseminar will be held on Thursday, October 14, 2010, starting at

2 p.m. Eastern

1 p.m. Central

Noon Mountain

11 a.m. Pacific

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