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Dan Janal

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About Dan Janal

Dan Janal, author of "Reporters Are Looking for YOU!" helps small businesses get publicity so they can sell more products. My clients get terrific results from my coaching, consulting, done-for-you services and do-it-yourself tools. For info, go to or call me at 952-380-1554.

Publicity tips from Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Dan JanalMarketing and Publicity Speaker Be Seen. Be Heard. Bezos Those of us who have played in the technology space for 30 years know the name Jeff Bezos very well. Before last week, you might not have heard of Jeff, but you definitely heard about his company. He’s the founder, CEO and visionary [...]

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Do you make these five speaking sins?

Dan JanalEntrepreneur Success Speaker I saw a speaker recently and left feeling underwhelmed. I realized he committed five deadly sins, which I’ll share with you. To protect the guilty, let’s say his talk was called “How to Change  a Tire.” 1.     Doesn’t deliver on promise. He didn’t show us – step-by-step how to [...]

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Publicity thought leader Dan Janal "applauds" Google's use of consumer-endorsed commercials

Dan JanalMarketing Speaker Google certainly got a lot of PR recently when it announced it would paste user’s comments and pictures on its ads. The outrage from the media and Facebook users was immediate. I must admit I was disgusted initially by the apparent violation of privacy and intrusion into personal affairs. Then [...]

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Book publicity speaker Dan Janal shares notes from Author 101 University Conference

My pal Rick Frishman, publisher of Morgan James Publishers also Rick Frishman produces the Author 101 University which was held this past weekend in Las Vegas. Here are notes: ·      Traditional publishing model is antiquated. New models are taking hold that serve the author and reader much better. ·      “You don’t make money [...]

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Publicity Speaker Dan Janal Pays Tribute to Jay Conrad Levinson of "Guerrilla Marketing" Books

Jay Conrad Levinson One of the immortals of the entrepreneurial world died last week. I think it would be nice to honor Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of the “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books that changed the lives of many entrepreneurs, including me.   More than any other author with the possible exception [...]

By | October 14th, 2013|PR LEADS General Advice, Publicity thought leadership|2 Comments

Publicity Speaker Dan Janal Asks (and Answers) What Do Audiences Really Want from a Speaker?

Reporters Are Looking for YOU! When I spoke at Clemson University’s conference on how to market online training programs and seminars, I came to an important realization after hearing two speakers who preceded me. 1.     They offered good, basic, solid information about marketing. I knew most of it, of course, but many people [...]

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Fiction Author Gets Publicity with PR LEADS

Laine Cunningham “Although the media normally isn't interested in fiction authors, by using Dan Janal's PR Leads I was quoted on,, The Sydney Morning Herald out of Australia, Die Presse newspaper in Austria, and was featured in Women's World magazine. Since I also help others write and edit their own books, [...]

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