Old friends are the best friends, so when long-time pal Philippa Gamse returned to PR LEADS a few weeks ago, I was delighted. I was doubly delighted when she sent this email of her recent success:

“I had not used PR LEADS/ProfNet for a longtime because I was so busy teaching, but I decided to start again for the new year- and took advantage of your great annual rate! Here’s the result:”

“As you can see, first mention – and an Amazon link for my book – not bad!”

“By the way, one tip for your readers – I nearly didn’t pitch to this lead because I thought there would be so many other – and more expert – responses. But it seemed that the reporter liked my specific angle (creating emotional connections digitally). So you never know.”

“Thank you again for creating and nurturing such a great service.”

“I’m really enjoying reading through your tips again, and it was the tips which inspired me to go for it, but to really think about what I could offer that would be different (and hopefully interesting!)”

Philippa Gamse CMC
Author “42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins” (2nd ed.)

Thanks, Philippa. We’re the only leads service that provides hands-on training and support. Did you know that our clients saw leads from more than 200 different top tier media outlets last month? That’s much more than many of our competitors. When you want quality, come back to PR LEADS and you’ll get free training and tips that will increase your chances for success in getting quoted and seeing your name in print!