Yanik Silver just held his third “Underground” Internet Marketing Conference and it was truly one of the best events I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been at many, many events as a speaker and as an attendee.)

Have you ever gone to a conference and run out of business cards?

That’s what happened at this conference.

I met lots of great people who are achieving high goals.

I went to learn — and learn I did, from masters like Ted Nicholas, who gave me great ideas about client retention strategies when we chatted in the hallway. I really appreciate that a big name like Ted, who could easily be anywhere and do anything, stayed at the conference long after his session was over so he could help people. Many big-name speakers come and leave. Ted came and gave, gave, gave. Thanks, Ted!

Prophetically, at the first session, I sat next to Tom Kulzer, president of Aweber and a PR LEADS Alumni Member. He asked me what I wanted to get from the conference and I said, “to learn new ideas.” And I did!

He said he was here to meet people. I hadn’t really considered the networking aspect. But it was really critical. There were lots of great people to meet and share ideas with. I had several in-depth discussions with Leo Quinn, Matt Gill, Warren Whitlock, Terry Kozlowski and others.

Plus I saw PR LEADERS Kevin Gianni, Tim Ferris, James Lange and Alum John DuCane. It is a small world when you go to a conference and a handful of attendees are your clients!

One of the highlights was when I attended Yanik’s MasterMind luncheon where I took the hot seat and got grilled by his clients making seven figures and more. They shocked me out of my complacency and forced me to look at things differently. I am truly grateful for their insights and their spirit of giving. One guy gave me a terrific idea that could launch yet another successful business!

Oh yeah, several people, including speakers, signed up for PR LEADS so it was a profitable venture as well!

I highly recommend you attend Yanik’s next Underground conference next year. It is a great place to learn — from the speakers and the attendees.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
PR LEADS Expert Resource Network