The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas has the best bottled water I’ve ever tasted. Better than Dasani. Better than Evian. Better than Perrier.

It just feels smooth when I drank it. Never had that experience before.

So, when I saw a worker replenish the water supply, I complimented him on the water.

His response?

Not — “Thank you.”

But — “Does it make you want to gamble?”

Now that’s a mission statement!

The Wynn seems to have trained it people to make sure they are consistently aligned with the company’s mission — get more people to gamble more often.

If that means having a beautiful registration area with the most luscious flowers I’ve ever seen, then order the flowers.

If that means having a great restaurant so I don’t ever have to leave the hotel, then build it.

If that means having friendly staff (and they really were a notch better than any other hotel I’ve stayed in in Vegas), then teach them to be friendly.

It all comes back to their mission. Everyone in the hotel is on the same page.

The funny part of the story is that I don’t gamble. I don’t win enough to make a difference and I hate to lose. But, if I did gamble, I’d do it at the Wynn.

One more point: Even the elevator is aligned with the message. There are buttons for all the floors, the spa and the casino. That’s it. There’s no button for “First Floor” or “Street Level” or, heaven forbid, “Exit.” That would be inconsistent with the message. And yes, I do feel for the off-the-scale literal-analytical types who probably ride the elevator all day long trying to figure out how to get out of the hotel.

Is your company aligned on its message? Can your employees articulate that message? Wynn does. Can you?

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER