Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Any intelligent woman or man with an intact sense of humor. After all, a sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste.

Q: What is the book about?
A: The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement is a collection of nearly 60 humorous essays about modern life today, neatly divided into the following chapters: A Woman’s Home Is Her Hassle; Holidays and High Jinks; Magnificient Obsessions (such as women’s compulsions to buy overpriced moisturizers from Switzerland and handbags that cost as much as a root canal); Reading This Warning Label May Kill You (and other observations); Guys Do the Darndest Things; and Just Wait till You Have Stretch Marks of Your Own. With chapters like this, don’t you want to read it already?

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: It would be shameless to say I’m the best person to have written this book, but I thought of it, and nobody else did! Besides, my humor has been published in Woman’s Day, Family Circle, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and many other major media outlets, which emboldened me to get the book out there. Why not give it a shot? It’s only $14.95, and even less on!

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: My essays encompass themes of men, marriage, motherhood, the ongoing agonies of home ownership, and cultural observations, such as why does Oprah need to put herself on EVERY single magazine cover? I don’t know of another book that has skewered so many topics all in one compact volume. 

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: Yes! You should buy it, early and often! It’s funny throughout, the humor is clean yet smart, and a few of the stories are also poignant. If you don’t like it, email me at and I’ll refund your money.