I spoke at a conference today and had an interesting discussion with a woman who does not have a website.

She wondered if having a blog would replace her need for a site.

She might be on to something!

A blog is easier to create than a website. After all she doesn’t have a site now. Something was stopping her. Money. Technofear. Whatever.

Posting to a blog is as easy as writing an email.

As to relative benefits, if you want to have a spot where people can find you, learn about you and read your latest thoughts, then the blog does the same thing as a website.

You could add e-commerce via links as well. Same as a website.

You don’t even have to pay hosting fees since many blogs have free hosting (as this one does.)

Also, no domain registration fees. No renewals.

Furthermore, search engines optimize blogs faster and better than websites.

You know. She might be on to something here.