A new book about how Google rose to prominence reminds me of how market leaders constantly play “King of the Mountain.”

In my 25 years of high tech marketing of working with market leaders as well as start-ups, I’ve seen many dominant companies with overwhelming market shares be displaced by other companies.

Remember these (and you’ll show your age)?

Wordstar owned the word processing market.
Displaced by Word Perfect.
Displaced by Microsoft Word.

Netscape owned the browser market
Microsoft Internet Explorer rules the roost today.
Firefox is picking up steam.

Yahoo owned the search market.
Google is king now.

What does this mean for you?

Each company was completely dominant. It wasn’t a nearly 50/50 split like Coke and Pepsi or Hertz and Avis. It was all or nothing.

Yet, people with vision created a new concept and stuck with it long enough to see their dreams come true.

How they did it is beyond the scope of this blog entry — or dozens of marketing and finance books — but the message is clear.

If you believe in yourself, your dreams could come true.

Hold on to this vision as you make your New Years Resolutions.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER