Reporters Are Looking for YOU!

Who said publishing an ebook was easy?

I thought it would be a snap.

That’s what every author in the Wall Street Journal said when interviewed.

But as I discovered when writing “Reporters Are Looking For YOU!”, there are about 100 extra steps you never thought about. Here are a few:

1.     Book cover has to fit many different sizes, from Kindle to Create Space. They all have different sizes and formats.
2.     Amazon doesn’t automatically take your info and update your book page. You have to do that yourself. That makes sense. However, you have to figure out how to register and then load your info. Then you have to wait for the info to go live – which takes about a week. You need to plan your launch to coincide with this.
3.     Just because Create Space says your book is done, that doesn’t mean it is immediately available on Amazon. It takes a few days for Amazon to process the info. Don’t start promoting your book until you know it is posted properly on Amazon and any other sites (i.e. Kindle, Nook).
4.      Create Space is a wonderful tool to create your print on demand books. I love that it has a very fast and automatic tool to see if your interior pages or cover has any errors. What a godsend! Of course this means you have to fix every error…
5.     Just because you use Create Space, doesn’t mean your book is available as a Kindle download on Amazon. That’s another step.
6.     Just because you post your info to Kindle, doesn’t mean Kindle actually saves it! Be sure the info is saved. I had to do this several times before it took hold.
Publishing an ebook isn’t as easy as it looks.

Richard Ooppenheim

Richard Oppenheim

I’m glad I had a great consultant to help me along the way. If you need help with the interior layout of your book, posting it Amazon and walking through the steps to get published at Create Space, call Rich Oppenheim, <>

Also, Author’s Marketing Club is a great site with lots of free information for aspiring authors for ebooks:

My pal Jim Kukral has created a library of great, free ebook production and marketing materials to help non-fiction authors. Check it out!