Every Saturday I go to my Spanish class. It isn’t easy and it isn’t necessarily fun. But I go anyway. Learning a language is difficult. I find that the only way I retain info is by speaking it, writing it and hearing it. Many times. After a while, it sinks in. No one every said it would be easy.

So why do people think that marketing and sales should be easy? I meet so many people who expect instant results and success but they don’t want to do the work. Do you see a disconnect here? They grab for the latest shiny object that someone tries to sell them and they jump for it. Have you? I know I have – with disappointing results.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. It just needs to be consistent. That’s what my business coach Mark LeBlanc says. Decide on the activities you think will help your business and they them every 30 days. Track your numbers. Do it again.

Here are things you might do every 30 days:

1. Write one article a week.
2. Post the article to your blog and to ezinearticles.com
3. Send out one press release via my Guaranteed Press Release program so you can improve your rankings on Google and brag that you were covered in more than 40 media websites. http://snipurl.com/sendpr
4. Do one free teleseminar or webinar to build rapport with your list or do a webinar/teleseminar with another person to grow your list.
5. Do one free speech – a showcase – in front of the right prospects to get more business and referrals.
Does this sound hard? Maybe. But I guarantee it will work better than grabbing at the new shiny object that will tarnish quickly.