I was watching the football games on Sunday when halftime hit. Of course that was the cue to get a snack and head to the bathroom.

It dawned on me; who invented halftime?

After all, baseball doesn’t have a halftime. And baseball is America’s oldest sport.

Think about it. They could have used the baseball model and said you get the ball and see if you score. If you don’t, we get the ball. That’s the first inning. We’ll play 9 innings. You get the ball 9 times. We get the ball 9 times. Whoever has the most points, wins. Game over.

How was it that someone said, “Let’s stop playing for a while and rest and then finish the game.”?

Was it a coach who said, “We need time to map out new plans for the game.”?

Was it the players who said, “We need to rest.”?

Was it the stadium restaurant manager who realized people would eat more if they didn’t watch the game?

Was it mother nature saying, “Hey, we can’t sit still for 60 minutes without taking a break.”?

How does this apply to business?


Examine all the rules you follow and determine which ones are stupid, outdated or no longer serve you.

Find new ways to work, or think of process that serve you better.

Engage with new people to enhance your thinking and your productivity.

Learn new skills to improve.

If you want to stand out from compeitors, if you want to defeat this stupid recession, I can think of no better way than to give yourself a halftime break and think about these tips.

LMK how you change!

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