You’ve probably heard the old saying “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Well, what can you say about the price of perfection or the price of talent?

Here’s the story.

I was having dinner with my wife in a fancy Italian restaurant in the new Wynn hotel in Las Vegas in preparation for the ShowStoppers Media Reception at the Consumer Electronics Show. When the waiter brought the dessert menu, I noticed the cognacs. No, I don’t go big for after dinner drinks. One beer is fine for me. But here’s what caught my eye.

There were two cognacs, one named Perfection, the other named Talent. I gasped when I saw the price of Perfection was $695. However, my jaw dropped when I saw the price of Talent. $1,090!

I’m not kidding!

I would love to be the bar tender who gets a 20 percent tip for pouring those drinks!

Of course, there’s a message here. Which is more important? Talent or Perfection?

I’ve learned from my PR LEADS expert clients that a main cause of procrastination is the quest for perfection. People just can finish projects! Sometimes they are overwhelmed with the idea of being perfect they can’t even get started. They might be brilliant, but they can’t get the job done.

On the other hand, talent is rare. It takes talent to come up with new ideas, see the boundless possibilities and put a plan in place to bring them to fruition.

My business coach, Mark LeBlanc, has a great saying,”Done is better than perfect.”

Think about this the next time you work on a project and see how it affects your thinking.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER